IA Plan for Online notes and test series

Syllabus : See Syllabus

The complete online preparation plan is divided in 10 weeks. Every week logicpace will provide short notes. At end of the week, every Sunday, you will get  one online test containing 100-200 questions which is related to topic of your study of week. After whole course 15 model papers will be conducted online.

Week No

Topics to cover

Week - 1

Algorithm, Flowchart, C till operators, Introduction to HTML

Week - 2

Rest of C, HTML, CSS

Week - 3

Number System & Concept of Files

Week - 4

Computer Fundamentals, Introduction to Operating System

Week - 5

MS Word, Excel

Week - 6

Power Point, Introduction to DBMS, concept of Keys, MS Access

Week - 7

Concept of Object Oriented, IDE and Introduction to Networking

Week - 8

Concept of IP Address, Subnetting, Web concepts and E-Commerce

Week - 9

Security and Reasoning topics (Clock Theory, Blood Relations, Odd one out)

Week -10

Rest of Reasoning Topics and current affairs

Complete Fee of online course which includes whole above is Rs 3000/-+ 540 (GST).

Fees : 3000 + GST