Scientific Assistant Plan for Paper-2 (Computer Science) Online notes and test series

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The complete online preparation plan is divided in 8 weeks. Every week logicpace will provide short notes. At end of the week, every Sunday, you will get  one online test containing 100-200 questions which is related to topic of your study of week and two model paper.

Week No

Topics to cover

Week - 1

Computer Fundamentals, Algorithm, Flowchart and C till operators

Week - 2

Rest of C, HTML, CSS

Week - 3

Number System and C++

Week - 4

Java Script, Introduction to Java

Week - 5

Rest of topics of Java and Compilers

Week - 6

Unix programming and DBMS

Week - 7

Fortran Introduction to Networking, Concept of IP Address, Subnetting, Web concepts and E-Commerce

Week - 8

Operating System and GIS

Complete Fee of online course and test series is Rs 4000/-+ 720/- (GST).

Fees : 4000 + GST